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9 am PT, 12 pm ET
4th Wednesday Each Month

Richard Cohn

Richard interviews the cutting-edge authors from Beyond Word Publishing to inspire and create a difference in people's lives, consciousness and the planet.

You'll open your mind to topics spanning Wholistic Health, Personal Growth, Spirituality and Metaphysics - all helping change your perspective to develop a more happy, healthy, self-fulfilled life.

Richard Cohn founded Beyond Words Publishing in 1983 and is its Publisher and President. He has worked on many projects including The Secret and Hidden Messages in Water. Richard is a treasure hunter, whether looking for the next bestselling book, movie or finding a gem at an estate sale. He enjoys an active lifestyle with his wife Michele and spending time with his family and nine grandchildren. He has traveled and lived abroad and is fluent in four languages. .

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11/25/2020     (Pending) Whitley Strieber - Aliens and Afterlife

10/28/2020     Jim Jensen—Expand the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

09/23/2020     Douglas Noll - De-Escalate

08/26/2020     Helene Lerner—Soulful Wisdom

07/29/2020     Dr Michael Galitzer - Outstanding Health

06/24/2020     Kathryn Tristan - Why Worry

05/27/2020     Hollister Rand - Mediumship and Spirit Communication





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