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Dr. Theresa Nicassio Show
2nd Thursday, 9am PT

Dr. Theresa Nicassio

Bring on the Changemakers! Join Vancouver's multi-faceted psychologist and for inspirational and educational programs that help you feel, live and love better. Listen to her leading edge health and environmental guests as they talk about the issues that matter most to you and give you the facts to help you overcome your real life challenges.

Dr. Theresa Nicassio is a Holistic Wellness Professional - a Registered Psychologist, Raw Food Chef, Author, Speaker, Columnist, Nutrition Educator and Kindness Advocate. Passionate about public awareness and empowerment, her sensitivity to the unique and special needs of all who reside on this planet, she offers a new voice of hope, even (and especially) for those who are often left behind.

About Dr. Theresa

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