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Emotional Detox
Wednesdays, 11 am PT, 2 pm ET

Sherianna Boyle

Join Sherianna, and her guests as she helps listeners release toxic reactions so you can energize a life of balance, joy & ease.

Sherianna Boyle is an author of Emotional Detox and eight other books, adjunct Psychology Professor, Founder of Emotional Detox Coaching®, CLEANSE Method,™ Cleanse Yoga,® and

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11/25/2020    (Pending) Mabel Katz - Zero Frequency

11/18/2020    (Pending) Nicole Donovan - Parenting a Child with Autism

11/11/2020    (Pending) Thibaut Meurisse - Master Your Emotions

11/04/2020    Rebecca Thompson - Rising Through Alcoholism

10/28/2020    Aaron McCormick - Boundless

10/21/2020    Doug Vermeeren - How Thoughts Become Things

10/14/2020    Master Ming ton Gu - Healing Qigong

10/07/2020    Elizabeth Guarino - Best Ever You

09/30/2020    Dr. Allen Lycka/Harriet Tinka - Secret to a Fantastic Life

09/23/2020    Marc Crowley - Leading from the Heart

09/16/2020    Ellen Meredith - The Language of Your Body

09/09/2020    Jennie Lee - Sparking Change

09/02/2020    Dayna Macy - Food Obsession Health








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