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A Different Way To Love
9 am PT, 12 pm ET
2nd Friday Each Month

Maryanne Comaroto PhD, OFMT, CCHT, CEGE and David Raynal

Love is so much more than you know.
Dare to take the inner journey to conscious love & relationships. Get candid advice and real-world expertise from Dr. Maryanne and partner modern-day sage David Raynal; they make the mystical practical!

Call in during the show. It's your sacred space to explore the deeper realm of love. A place to become empowered.

Maryanne Comaroto, PhD is a relationship expert, multi-book author and respected media personality who continues to enjoy her own long-term happy, successful relationship.

David Raynal holds degrees in religious studies and psychology. He helped start the first sleep clinic at Stanford and owned and operated a successful real estate enterprise. He is currently investigating The Yoga-Sutra of Patanjali and writing a book on prayer.

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