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LIVE Wednesdays, 2pm PT

Brendan D. Murphy

Take a walk on the free side! Tune in as Brendan and his cutting-edge guests uncover the secrets of spirituality, health, freedom, conspiracies, consciousness, the paranormal and more. It's high-level information for high-functioning humans.

Brendan D. Murphy is the author of The Grand Illusion and co-founder of the Facebook social media alternative '' - Where free speech lives!

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11/25/2020    (Pending) TBM 1125

11/18/2020    (Pending) Sally Fallon - The Contagion Myth Revealed

11/11/2020    (Pending) Tom Barnett - Shadow Work, Personal Growth and True Masculinity

11/04/2020    Stephanie Senef - Exposed: the Glyphosate-Covid Connection

10/28/2020    William Hughes - Beyond Big Pharma: German New Medicine

10/21/2020    David "Avocado" Wolfe - Globalist Takedown Begins

10/14/2020    Alison McDowell - Covid-19 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

10/07/2020    Timeline Proof Pandemic

09/30/2020    Joachim Hagopian - Ending Child Trafficking

09/23/2020    Jordan Maxwell - The Secret Elite's Conspiracy

09/16/2020    David Parker and Dawn Lester - What Really Makes You Ill?

09/09/2020    The Birth Fraud with Christopher James - Part 2

09/02/2020    The Birth Fraud with Christopher James - Part 1





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